Rivero 3 Door 3 Drawer Wide Sideboard in Grey and Oak

Rivero 3 Door 3 Drawer Wide Sideboard in Grey and Oak

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  • The living room and dining room are a space where you can spend time with your loved ones. Daily relaxation, shared meals with the family, as well as parties and feasts in the company of friends are special moments that require reliable and stylish room equipment. As part of the tasteful Rivero series, dedicated to the living room and dining room, there is an extremely spacious sideboard with drawers and full fronts, concealing wide shelves. You can fit everything in it. The sideboard with three drawers and two closed zones behind the fronts full of shelves (wide, behind the two-door front and narrower behind the single-door front) is a piece of furniture set on an effective, modern looking metal frame, powder coated in black. Black metal handles and light brown shades of the body and fronts (Dark Flagstaff Oak and Silicon Gray) match it. The cabinet is made of laminated chipboard. An impressive, large piece of furniture is perfectly used in spacious interiors, such as a dining room, connecting the kitchen with the living room. The Rivero sideboard fits into rooms decorated in a loft and modern style. It can be used in a boho or vintage style. Create unique interiors and use the functionality of the Rivero series every day. The furniture has hinges and soft-close guides and must be attached to the wall.

    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.183
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 73.38
    • EAN Code: 5900355153725
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Size in mm: W 2055 x H 831 x D 400 mm
    • Laminated board (resistant to moisture and damage)
    • minimalist black metal handle
    • Silent Close
    • must be attached to the wall to prevent it from tipping
    • industrial and vintage style
    • Matching pieces available
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 73.38
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.182582
    • EAN Code: 5900355153725

    Box 1:
    • EAN: 6010000023383
    • Dimensions (CM): 50.5 L x 86.7 W x 10.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 19.92
    • Volume (m3): 0.046411

    Box 2:
    • EAN: 6010000023384
    • Dimensions (CM): 43.4 L x 98.2 W x 14.7 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 22.56
    • Volume (m3): 0.06265

    Box 3:
    • EAN: 6010000023385
    • Dimensions (CM): 43.4 L x 222.9 W x 7.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 30.9
    • Volume (m3): 0.073521