Rivero 3 Door 3 Drawer Low Display Cabinet in Grey and Oak

Rivero 3 Door 3 Drawer Low Display Cabinet in Grey and Oak

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  • The visual effect of the interior design depends on many factors, but among them, the leading position is the careful selection of impressive furniture. Thanks to the use of modern, and at the same time high-quality elements of the arrangement, you can create a unique interior in which you will feel at ease and comfortable. The Rivero collection is dedicated for the living room and dining room, i.e. rooms where we spend time with our loved ones. The Rivero showcase is made of laminated chipboard with metal elements (handles), and tempered glass (glass front). The furniture has a large storage capacity and an attractive design. The modern, asymmetrical display unit fits perfectly with the optionally available LED lighting (Prismatic Mini 1 point / Square 1 point / Led Clips 1 point) to be purchased separately. A stylish display case will provide you with an exhibition space needed to present decorative objects, frames and accessories used every day in the dining room and living room. At the same time, it creates a spacious closed zone in which you can hide everything that should not be visible. Maintain order in the living area thanks to modern furniture. The site has guides and hinges for a soft close.

    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.211
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 90.14
    • EAN Code: 5900355153831
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Size in mm: W 1237 x H 1430 x D 400 mm
    • Laminated board (resistant to moisture and damage)
    • minimalist black metal handle
    • Silent Close
    • Glass Shelving
    • Optional Lighting available
    • Matching pieces available
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 90.14
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.210532
    • EAN Code: 5900355153831

    Box 1:
    • EAN: 6010000023360
    • Dimensions (CM): 43.4 L x 147.5 W x 13.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 32.64
    • Volume (m3): 0.08706

    Box 2:
    • EAN: 6010000023361
    • Dimensions (CM): 70.4 L x 89.2 W x 9.8 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 30.12
    • Volume (m3): 0.061541

    Box 3:
    • EAN: 6010000023362
    • Dimensions (CM): 43.4 L x 139.9 W x 10.2 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 27.38
    • Volume (m3): 0.061931