Luci 4 Door Tall Display Cabinet RH (including LED lighting) in Platinum and Oak

Luci 4 Door Tall Display Cabinet RH (including LED lighting) in Platinum and Oak

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  • A tall display cabinet with glazing in a geometric shape and a modern combination of Artisan Oak and Gray Cosmos decor is a solution for people looking for a unique and timeless style. The inside of the site has a lot of storage space, as well as a space behind the glass, where you can display interesting accessories and additionally emphasize their charm with optional lighting (sold separately). The furniture uses an ergonomic handle-free solution, soft-close accessories and tempered glass. The big advantage of the display case from the Luci collection is the constructional lighting (sold together), which gives the block a unique, but very subtle look. The site is available in two versions: left and right. The Luci collection is available in two colour versions: Artisan Oak / Gray Cosmos and Artisan Oak / Alpine White. Optional light available: Square 1 P. With foot switch 

    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.195
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 78.92
    • EAN Code: 5900355118953
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Size in mm: W 904 x H 1990 x D 400 mm
    • Body/Front: laminated chipboard
    • Handle: handle-free system
    • Hinges: soft close
    • Feet: plastic
    • Construction lighting: polarus micro
    • Glass: tempered Antisol Gray
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 78.9
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.195
    • EAN Code: 5900355118953

    Box 1:

    • EAN: 6010000018273
    • Dimensions (CM): 100.8 L x 41.5 W x 17.4 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 28.12
    • Volume (m3): 0.073

    Box 2:

    • EAN: 6010000018274
    • Dimensions (CM): 143.8 L x 47.2 W x 9.7 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 27
    • Volume (m3): 0.066

    Box 3:

    • EAN: 6010000018275
    • Dimensions (CM): 158 L x 65.3 W x 5.5 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 23.8
    • Volume (m3): 0.057