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Meet the team

Paul Sheldon, Director Sales and Operations       

Paul Sheldon

COO - Director Sales and Operations

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Phone: 02392 009071


Jason Coughlan

Operations &
Customer Success Manager

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Phone: 02392 009073

Marcia Fitzjohn

Ecommerce & 
Sales Development Manager

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Phone: 02392 009075

Paul – With a strong operational background, he is always seeking ways to improve the business, and the service offered to our customers. This is reinforced by his open and honest approach to business. 

Jay - With an extensive knowledge of business operations, strong planning skills, combined with strategic and analytic thinking, he really is great at managing the customer journey. Putting the customer first every step of the way.

Marcia – has great experience of managing a variety of online shopping platforms. Combining this with her operational retail experience, enables her to offer a great customer experience at all stages of the customer journey.

      Josephine Duff

Santana Pearce

Customer Service Advisor

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Phone: 02392 009076


Edward Dixon

Customer Service Advisor

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Phone: 02394 212094


Josephine Duff

Customer Service Advisor

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Phone: 02392 009073

Santana – A skilled Customer Service advisor with years of experience within the industry. She has a great rapport with customers, and will go above and beyond to exceed the customers expectations


Edward – A genuinely friendly customer service advisor, with the ability to identify customer needs and provide a great customer experience. He thrives in providing timely, empathetic help that keeps customers’ needs at the forefront of every interaction.

Josie – An experienced Customer Service advisor, who builds great relationships with customers. Nothing is a problem for her, and she will always go that extra mile to help customers.

Dave Mortimer

Customer Service Advisor

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Phone: 02394 212095

Abbie Finch

Customer Service Advisor

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Charlie Ruttle

Finance Customer Advisor

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Phone: 02392 009070

Dave – Possess great customer service experience, with a friendly personal approach. He also has good operational experience which enhances his customer service skills.

Abbie – A young and enthusiastic Customer Service Advisor, who thrives on helping people to resolve queries in the best possible way with her warm confident approach. 

Charlie – Has a flair for customers and finances. Her wealth of financial experience and rapport with customers is a great strength within the business, and in turn for our customers. 

David Robinson, Finance Manager   Rafal Smiechowski, Warehouse Manager   Anita Lund, Marketing Manager

David Robinson

CFO - Finance

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Phone: 07753 745079


Rafal Smiechowski

Warehouse Manager

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Phone: 02392 009075


Anita Lund

Marketing Manager

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Phone: +45 42734002

David – Has an excellent analytical approach to work, and is committed to ensuring our accounts are in good order. This is passed on to our customers, by ensuring their accounts with us are accurate. 

Rav – In control of our Warehouse operation since we opened FTG’s own Warehouse. His drive ensures that warehouse is a centre for Operational Excellence. Anita – Has a real passion for bringing our product and brand alive. She always ensures that our customers have the best marketing material, to help them successfully sell our product. 

Iain MacVinish   Jens Ole Steens Sorensen, CEO

Iain MacVinish

Agent Scotland & North England

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Phone: 07402 438589 


Roger Cribb

Agent Midt England

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Phone: 07515 571671


Jens Ole Steen Sorensen


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Phone: +45 27834255

Iain – Our Agent covering Scotland & North England. Iain has a wealth of furniture experience, and a great know-ledge of the local marketplace. A great people person, so get in touch if would like any advice or to arrange a visit. 

Roger – Our Agent covering the Midlands. Roger is a down to earth people person, with a great hands on approach. He has great deal of product knowledge, which he passes onto his customers. Get in touch if you would like any advice or to arrange a visit.

Jens Ole – Is a production engineer, previous owners of one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Denmark. A passion for quality and QC inspection,  products have to be 100% right. 

Claus Steen Sorensen, CEO

Claus Steens Sorensen


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Phone: +45 42734001  


Claus – A real cabinetmaker. Life experience and passion for furniture. constantly looking for ways to bring added value for customers and looking at ways to improve daily.