Cestino Extending Dining Table 160-200cm In Jackson Hickory Oak

Cestino Extending Dining Table 160-200cm In Jackson Hickory Oak

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  • The living room and dining room are places to celebrate the moments spent with loved ones. Daily meals among the household members are, however, definitely less demanding than organizing a Holiday tea or a birthday dinner. Your interior should include a stylish extendable table, which will be a comfortable space for family warmth on a daily basis, and for special occasions it will become a practical, most important element of the event. The extending table from the Cestino series is made of high-quality laminated chipboard. The whole (top, body, frame elements) is available in the effective, timeless Jackson Hickory color, reflecting the natural color of the wood. The easy-to-use extansion mechanism and the stability of the table after unfolding guarantee long-term, reliable use. The Cestino extending table in the shade of natural wood is a universal piece of furniture, perfectly matching both upholstered chairs in a modern and classic style. It will perfectly match the minimalist chairs made of plastic with elements of wood. You can use it in the living room or dining room, decorated in a Scandinavian, industrial, luxurious, modern and boho style.

    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.136
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 51.84
    • EAN Code: 5900355152919
    • Number of boxes: 2
    • Size in mm: W 1600-2000 x H 756 x D 900 mm
    • Laminated board (resistant to moisture and damage)
    • Stylish Elegant Design
    • Rattan Effect Panel
    • Natural Colours
    • Easy Self Assembly
    • Matching pieces available
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 51.84
    • Number of boxes: 2
    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.135747
    • EAN Code: 5900355152919

    Box 1:
    • EAN: 6010000023182
    • Dimensions (CM): 25.4 L x 160.5 W x 16.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 21.5
    • Volume (m3): 0.067673

    Box 2:
    • EAN: 6010000023183
    • Dimensions (CM): 83.4 L x 107.4 W x 7.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 30.34
    • Volume (m3): 0.068074