Cestino 3 Sliding Door Cabinet in Jackson Hickory Oak and Rattan Effect

Cestino 3 Sliding Door Cabinet in Jackson Hickory Oak and Rattan Effect

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  • The functionality of the room arrangement can complement the eye-catching look that is created using high-quality, modern furnishings. The latest collection of Cestino furniture is what combines simplicity, modernity and practicality of use. Spend a lazy afternoon knowing that all your favorite items have found their place in a spacious, fashionable highboard. A large highboard from the Cestino series is a piece of furniture that provides extraordinary functionality and durability in the face of destructive factors. Made of MDF board and laminated furniture board, it contains high-quality metal handles and storage space with different capacities. Wide and narrow open shelves fit perfectly with full sliding fronts, you can decide for yourself which space is to be visible. The color of the furniture, Jackson Hickory, perfectly complements the timeless style of the cabinet. The Cestino collection reflects classic inspirations that fit perfectly into any cozy room. Its natural shade of wood, Jackson Hickory, is beautifully combined with an arrangement in a fashionable Scandinavian and boho style.

    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.180
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 69.80
    • EAN Code: 5900355146253
    • Number of boxes: 1
    • Size in mm: W 1286 x H 1500 x D 420 mm
    • Laminated board (resistant to moisture and damage)
    • Rattan Effect Panels
    • Natural Colours
    • Easy Self Assembly
    • Matching pieces available
    • Assembled Weight (kg): 69.8
    • Number of boxes: 3
    • Shipping volume (m3): 0.180371
    • EAN Code: 5900355146253

    Box 1:
    • EAN: 6010000022749
    • Dimensions (CM): 40.9 L x 153.3 W x 9.2 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 24
    • Volume (m3): 0.057684

    Box 2:
    • EAN: 6010000022750
    • Dimensions (CM): 49.7 L x 144.8 W x 6.9 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 20.74
    • Volume (m3): 0.049656

    Box 3:
    • EAN: 6010000022751
    • Dimensions (CM): 46.7 L x 162.9 W x 9.6 H cm
    • Weight (kg): 25.06
    • Volume (m3): 0.073031