N e x t   t o   z e r o   r e c l a m a t i o n s.  G e t   y o u r   r e p l a c e m e n t.

E x p l o r e   t h e   l o o k b o o k.

What about quality

At Furniture To Go, together with our partner factories in Denmark and Poland, we put quality at the top of our list of priorities. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that the wood used in manufacturing comes from responsibly managed forests. The use of wood from FSC forests in Northern Scandinavia for furniture production is a great way to support sustainable forestry practices while also producing high-quality furniture.


Pine trees from this region are known for their strength and durability due to their slow growth under difficult climatic conditions. The wood from these trees is ideally suited for our solid Pine ranges of furniture, as it is strong and able to withstand wear and tear. Additionally, the slow growth of the trees results in wood that has a tight, even grain, which is prized for its aesthetic appeal. The use of FSC-certified Pine wood from Northern Scandinavia can help to ensure that furniture production is both sustainable and high-quality, resulting in pieces that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Our partner factories personally double-check the timber at the source so only the best material is brought to the factories, and from there, everything is made and packed in-house.


Our designers work on every detail making sure every item is fit for purpose. Several checks are made through production, ensuring the end product is second to none. All products come complete with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, these have been drawn and produced in-house then tried and tested by our own staff.


For products with a stained finish, we only use environment-friendly materials, with UV or water-based varnish, paint, and stains.


Should a customer have a problem with any item we supply, we operate a free replacement parts service through our UK-based warehouse and office.


For any quality issue enquiries please email info@furniture-to-go.co.uk.



Furniture To Go is naturally FSC® certified. Our trademark license number is FSC-C158446 and we take environmental responsibilities seriously, and so do our partners' factories, producing the majority of their products with an FSC certification.


Furniture To Go certificate registration code: NC-COC-060652. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC certification provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.


Our FSC certificate can be downloaded here.


Environmentally appropriate

Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes. 


Socially Beneficial

Socially beneficial forest management helps both local people and society at large to enjoy long-term benefits and provides strong incentives to local people to sustain the forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.


Economically Viable

Economically viable forest management means that forest operations are structured and managed to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or affected communities. The tension between the need to generate adequate financial returns and the principles of responsible forest operations can be reduced through efforts to market the full range of forest products and services for their best value.