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Shareable online lookbook 2023

More than 60 collections of beautifull timeless scandinavian design. 

Become a stockist

We produce furniture for furniture retailers. For any who wants next day delivery and a wide range of the right quality at an affordable price. All in stock - ready to dropship to you customer.

New in

Inspired by the changing shady nature, our desings are brought to life. Materials and shapes are transformed into beautiful calm timeless designs. You can be certain to have a continuous flow of new product throughout the year. All in stock for next day delivery.

All about logistics

If you place an order by 3PM – we will despatch it the same day. This can be direct to your store, or direct to your customer. We stock it, you sell it, we deliver it – it’s that simple.

We take care in preparing our product for shipment to minimise damage, with our overpacking facility in the warehouse to ensure the ‘final mile’ is successful.


Flatpack furniture takes up less space and is easier to transport – Making it more cost effective and environmentally friendly for everyone!

We do the hard work for you

We believe in our Products, and our price, but we also believe in our Service. Technology is changing the way consumers shop. We recognize this, and we want to do all we can to help you sell our products.

We stock for you

High stock levels for next day delivery. No need for you to invest in stock, we do that for you! Allowing you the time to focus on merchandising and upselling on your platform. With a wide variety of over 1600 SKUs running on an availability of 97% all in stock for next day delivery. Our stock is your stock, simplicity at its very best.

Maximise yours sale

USP and E-Commerce. Our marketing is second to none, with great availability of hi-res images, CSV files and marketing material. This is all backed up by our excellent service proposition and going that extra mile for our customers.

Free next day delivery 

We know the importance of the customer journey. We are fully on hand to help where we can, we understand that a customer wants their order delivered within the specified timescale and in full. You can place an order by 3pm and your customer will receive it the very next day! 

Kids' you can’t forget the little ones 

If you’re redesigning your child’s room, don’t miss Furniture To Go’s fantastic ideas for children’s bedrooms – with all budgets, styles, and fuss levels catered for. We have beautiful and practical ranges for all ages, from tots to teenagers, plus fun playroom ideas for wet weather weekends.

Everyday low pricing / tiered pricing structure

We are certain that your customer will find what they are looking for whilst browsing through our product selection. With a fantastic pricing structure, you are able to order in bulk to your store or warehouse, to take advantage of our discount structure. This discount structure goes from 5% upto 20% dependant on the order amount. Having this discount structure in place, means that we can support you and your business on an ongoing basis. A great opportunity to promote products at a great price.

Are you selling on your own website?

If you need support with implementing Furniture To Go product data & images, integrating our stock feed, or merchandising our product ranges online, please feel free to reach out to ensure you’re maximising your potential for online sales. 

What about quality

Our collection is produced in Scandinavian by local manufacturers and furniture upholsterers who have worked in their professions for generations. Our manufacturers prioritise the use of very high quality and standard, a very high precision and sustainable production.

Make everybody feel at home

Your home is your carstle. At Furniture To Go we understand that your home is a part of you - a small corner of the world to make entirely your own

Stay updated! Get all the news! 

Receive wonderful news. Here you can read about our latest ranges or campains and what’s going at FTG service – providing you optimzing your buisness.

Get all the latest! Stay updated

Receive wonderful news. Here you can read about our latest ranges or campains and what’s going at FTG service

Next day delivery

If you place an order by 3PM – we will despatch it the same day. Delivered direct to your store, or direct to your customer.

Our partnerships

Most importantly, our customers satisfaction remains at the forefront of everything we do! And we continuing to build strong partnerships with our factories. The constant development of Furniture To Go’s commitment to make high quality, on-trend furniture accessible across the UK, is part of our huge success. For Next day delivery and no MOQ!


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Make everybody feel at home

All you need.....rmore text ranges mean that your personality can shine in every room throughout your home.

Very modern

It’s no secret that the right piece of furniture can transform a room. Whether you opt for a unique custom creation or keep it simple with a stylish option from a mass retailer, it’s all about finding furniture that speaks to your design aesthetic. If you’re in need of some motivation to find furniture that you’ll absolutely love, we have you covered.r ranges mean that your personality can shine in every room throughout your home.